Virtually Boccia Challenge

This is a series of skill-based challenges, with each student completing the challenge, contributing to their school or college score. If you do not have boccia equipment, then don’t panic. The activities can be completed using other PE or home equipment (i.e. tennis balls, bean bags, socks).

Virtually Boccia 3rd edition!

We hope you have enjoyed the 3rd edition of Virtually Boccia Challenge, which took place over six weeks from Monday 21 February 2022.

For those planning to submit scores for each round of this edition, please click on either the ‘excel submission’ or ‘online submission’ links in each row of the table below.

If you choose to submit results using excel, please return the completed spreadsheet to [email protected] by Monday 25 April.

We now plan to publish the final results and leaderboards on this webpage on Thursday 28 April.

In the meantime, please 'spread the word' on social media, using #VirtuallyBoccia and #GetInvolved!

If you have any questions about the Virtually Boccia Challenge, please contact Sarah Wooding on [email protected]

Date of activity release Activities Results
21/02/22 Round 1 Excel submission Online Submission
07/03/22 Round 2 Excel submission Online Submission
21/03/22 Round 3 Excel submission Online Submission


Second edition


Date of release Round - Activity
04/10/2021 Round 1 - Snooker
11/10/2021 Round 2 - The Ladder
18/10/2021 Round 3 - Big Ben
25/10/2021 Round 4 - Cone Ally
01/11/2021 Round 5 - Climb the tree
08/11/2021 Round 6 - Boccia Tennis
15/11/2021 Round 7 - Under the bridges
22/11/2021 Round 8 - Bucket Challenge



The standings for the 2nd edition can be found on the competition results page.


First edition

Round 1 

Round 2

Round 3

The final standings for the 1st edition can be found on the competition results page.