Virtually Boccia Challenge

Virtually Boccia is Boccia England’s skill-based challenge competition. There is a version for schools to take part in, and another version for colleges. Each academic year, there will be three rounds with different challenges to take part in for each round. Each young person completes all challenges and this contributes to the school or college score.

Virtually Boccia can be played with boccia equipment or without. You can use other PE or home equipment such as bean bags or even rolled up socks!.

Virtually Boccia 2023/24

Virtually Boccia 2023/24 will consist of three rounds; September to December, January to April 2024, and May to July 2024. Information will be shared prior to the rounds. You will be provided with three skill-based activities for each round, the instruction for each activity will include how to set up and score challenge.


Registration for the 2023/24 Virtaully Boccia Challenge is now open, you can register your school/ college via the button below:

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