We recognise that schools and other educational establishments play a big role in developing our boccia stars of the future.


Boccia England runs a team based Under 19s competition split into two divisions: Physical impairment and pan (any) disability.

Schools take part in their county competition with the chance to progress and qualify for the regional competition which in turn provides an opportunity to progress to the National Final.

These competitions take place between October and April.

Skills Award

We work with selected Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) schools to enable them to deliver boccia within the school environment.  This initiative allows children and young adults (12-18 yrs) to take part in physical activity, overcoming a range of barriers they might face when trying to access sport outside of the national curriculum.  Boccia is played across all age groups resulting in children and young adults being able to play with their peers as well as inter-generationally.   

The scheme has also been evidenced to improve a number of life skills, including communication, resilience, responsibility and confidence. 

Through a 10 week structured, extra-curricular club, the students develop their own character traits which are vital in wider life and employment.  The approach is based upon the Youth Sport Trust "My Personal Best" resource, which helps students understand their own skills and capabilities, ensuring they reach their potential.

School to Club Link

We aim to link individuals interested in progressing their boccia activity with their local boccia club so that they can continue to play once they have left school. We see this as a crucial part of our work so that we don't lose talented players once they leave education.