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2021/22 season

Super League Finals 2022

Division 1

Division 2

Super League - Fixture Day 3

Super League (continuation of 19/20 season)

Division 1

Division 2

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Virtually Boccia

This is a series of skill-based challenges, with each student completing the challenge, contributing to their school or college score. 

Virtually Boccia Standings

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Latest Results






1st Place

Jabe Peake

Jason Rolph

Matt Berry

Penny Froude

2nd Place

Amy Lewington

Reshad Saraj

Lee Maddison

Archie Eaton

3rd Place

Fay Hart

Gabrielle Rolls

Lee Croker

Mitchell Robinson

4th Place

Alisha Craigie

Peter Langton

Rafael Young

Georgina Moore

5th Place


Ramandeep Mann

Sally Kidson

Harley Creswick

6th Place


Sam Hindley



7th Place


Rachel Ross



2020/21 season

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the competition season did not take place in 2020/2021.

Virtually Boccia was launched in October 2020 with challenges starting in January, to temporarily replace our traditional face to face National Schools Competition due to the restrictions of COVID-19. Through skills-based challenges, Virtually Boccia was designed to provide an opportunity for students across the country to compete with other students in a slightly different way. All the students that complete the activities contribute to an overall score for their school or college.

You can find the final regional and national standings through the link below.

Virtually Boccia

2019/20 season

The 2019/2020 season was cancelled part way through the season due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The results of the competitions that did happen are below but please note that ranking points were not awarded for these competitions.

BE Cup Competitions

(Points Table)

Heathcoat Cup Competitions Super League National League Teams and Pairs
Hatfield - 08/02/2020 Hatfield - 09/02/2020 Division 1 - Day 2 - March 2020 Regional Results December 2019
Sheffield - 11/01/2020 Sheffield - 12/02/2020 Division 2 - Day 2 - March 2020
Crawley - 16/11/2019 Division 1 - Day 1 - November 2019
Liverpool - 20/11/2019 Division 2 - Day 1 - November 2019

2018/19 season

BE Cup Competitions

Heathcoat Cup Competitions

Super League


National League Teams and Pairs
Finals Finals Final Final December 2018
Crawley - 09/03/2019 Crawley - 10/03/2019

Day 1 - 01/11/2018

Regional Results
Hatfield - 23/02/2019 Hatfield - 24/02/2019
Sheffield - 26/01/2019 Sheffield - 27/01/2019
Bristol - 24/11/2018 
Liverpool - 20/10/2018