The Super League consists of the top eight Pan Disability teams in the country.

There will be three central fixture days between November and April, with teams playing three matches each day. After game 7 (first match on fixture Day Three) the regular season is complete. The bottom placed team will be relegated to the National League for the next season. The top placed team will be crowned Super League winners. A shield will be presented to the league winners on Finals Day. We still play match 8 and match 9 on Day Three as this will help determine the opening fixtures on Finals Day.

All teams play on Finals Day entering a Quarter Finals draw like last season. Losers enter the Plate Semi Finals, Winners progress to the Trophy Semi Finals. The Super League season concludes with a Finals Day taking place alongside the National League Finals Day at University of Nottingham, David Ross Sports Village on Sunday 14th July 2024.

 Super League Finals

The Finals Day will see all 8 Super League teams compete together in play off matches for the Super League Trophy and Super League Plate. These fixtures will be decided by the final league table standings.

The losing quarter finalists will play off for the Super League Plate where the winners continue to play off for the Super League Trophy.

After the final round of play off matches, the team that finishes in 8th place on Finals Day will be relegated to the National League.

National League

Fixtures and Results

Day 1 - Berkhamsted


Day 2 - Brentwood


Day 3 - Coventry





The Super League handbook can be found here.