Classification is a way of grouping players into levels of impairment, in order to make sure they play and compete on an equal level.


Boccia Classification Guide

Boccia England have developed a Classification Guide to help those involved in boccia to understand the classification system within England. Read the Boccia England Classification Guide here.


Boccia Classification Profiles

These are the BC1 - 8 classification profiles used by Boccia England.

Downloadable BC1 Profile Downloadable BC2 Profile
Downloadable BC3 Profile Downloadable BC4 Profile
Downloadable BC5 Profile Downloadable BC6 Profile
Downloadable BC7 Profile Downloadable BC8 Profile


Boccia Self-Classification Tool

Self-classification is the first step on an athletes journey to boccia classification. Players will be asked to self-classify when they enter their first Boccia England competition. The following tools can be used to support you through this process.

Download the Boccia Self-Classification Tool

Self-Classification Tool

Download the Boccia Interactive Self-Classification Tool

Interactive Self-Classification Tool

Please note that the interactive tool will not function on a mobile device.


Classifier Workforce

The process of classification is supported by our dedicated volunteer workforce of classifiers;

Medical Classifiers – Neil, Jack
Technical Classifiers – Pete, Rachel
Classifiers in Training – Rochelle

If you are interested in becoming a classifier, please contact us via [email protected]


Supporting Resources

Boccia England Classification Policy

BISFed classification rules

IPC Athlete Classification Code

Medical Diagnosis Form We are currently reviewing classification paperwork in line with changes in international guidelines.