We are a registered Charity and the National Governing Body (NGB) for boccia in England.  We are responsible for all aspects of the sport in England from beginner to expert, providing for all levels of participation and are dedicated to improving the physical and emotional well-being of children and adults with disabilities through boccia.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is made up of several parts that work together. As well as our overall vision, we have clear actions – our mission and three goals – which set out how we’ll achieve it.

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Our Commitments

These drive our strategy, shape our work and how we use our resources, and target the gaps,

opportunities and areas of improvement that surround the sport. We promise to:

  1. Invest in our people to build our sport, encouraging more players onto the court – particularly vulnerable disabled people who stand to benefit the most.
  2. Grow boccia by developing effective resources and partnerships, building more opportunities for people to engage with boccia
  3. Connect, engage and empower physically disabled people to access boccia and unlock its potential for everyone
  4. Raise awareness of boccia and its positive impact on people’s lives, shouting about the benefits of boccia on health and wellbeing
  5. Support our pathway for athletes from grassroots to elite level, nurturing talent for competition and making an even bigger mark on the international stage.


Our Goals

Through three clearly defined goals – and the help of boccia forums, local volunteers, coaches, classifiers and referees, and our incredible partners – we’ll achieve our mission, and realise our vision.

Our three goals are:

  1. An effective, nationwide community boccia infrastructure
  2. Increased public awareness of boccia
  3. Every household with a physically disabled child or young person has a chance to play boccia


Our Values

What makes us Unique?

Boccia England is uniquely placed to make a massive difference to the lives of so many people who otherwise would not have access to the benefits sport can bring.  Boccia is a totally inclusive sport and can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, ability or disability.

 Boccia is the only sporting option for many severely disabled and older people with limited motor skills

 Boccia is simple to introduce and is easily adaptable within a social environment.

 Boccia is a low-cost sport and therefore accessible to many.

 Boccia England has a strong committed base of volunteers. 



How we help 


Living with a disability is known to increase the chances of experiencing mental health problems, such as depression, which can lead to feelings of isolation.  Evidence shows there is a link between physical activity and mental health, helping people with mild depression and protecting against anxiety.  

Physical activity promotes a positive change in our mood and brings about a greater self-esteem which is key for boccia players who may find significant barriers to participation in most other sports.

New support networks are created at our boccia events where individuals feel comfortable and build confidence to speak to others who understand their daily challenges. Informal support networks are also created for the players' families, and life-long friendships are regularly formed.

Our History

Originally part of CP Sport since 2009, we operated as a stand-alone entity within CP Sport from 2010.  Boccia England became independent on 1 January 2012. At the end of 2012 we gained our National Governing Body status from Sport England. During 2022 we will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary by sharing our past achievements and the positive impact that boccia has made on a variety of people’s lives.