Boccia England has a small staff team which operates from its office in Nottingham.  However, our services stretch across the whole of England. How?

Funding & Donations

As a charity we rely on funding and donations.  We receive substantial funding from Sport England to cover the majority of our delivery costs but we also rely on other funding and donations to carry out all of the great work that we do.  We have ambitious plans to not be so reliant on Sport England so that we could operate of our own accord if funding is reduced/removed.


We are extremely fortunate to have over 100 dedicated and loyal volunteers.  There are various roles which a volunteer can have, with many individuals taking on multiple roles to assist us.  The majority of volunteers run boccia clubs, which are spread across the country, or assist us with our competitions by taking on official roles, such as Referee or Official.

We never forget the importance of our volunteers, also known as our Workforce, and are forever grateful for all their help.

Training/ Courses

We offer various boccia related courses and training for individuals and organisations who wish to expand their boccia knowledge and skills.  Many of our volunteers complete our courses in order to take on official roles for competitions.  By expanding people's knowledge of boccia, we enable increased participation in the sport.


There are various boccia clubs across England and we recognise the importance of these clubs in providing opportunities for disabled individuals to play boccia in their local area.  Clubs often provide a social network for players and their families and the environment boosts confidence and skill in the game.

We are committed to supporting boccia clubs as much as we can, from the establishment of a club through to the development and accreditation of a club.


Throughout the membership season we hold numerous competitions for boccia players who wish to take part in the game competitively.  Competitions are held in various locations across the country in order to allow as many players to participate as possible.  Some competitions are for individuals and others are for teams or pairs of players, and some are open to all players regardless of their disability or skill-level whilst others have criteria for players to meet.  

Through a range of competitions we aim to provide various competition opportunities at a level suitable for all.


Our aim is to enable athletes to reach their potential and to do this we operate a Talent Pathway.  The pathway incorporates players from grassroots playing in our clubs to elite athletes who represent England and/or Great Britain.  Through coaching and talent assessments talented players are able to move up the pathway and increase their skill and knowledge level as they progress.

Schools and Young People

We recognise that schools and other educational establishments play a big role in developing our boccia stars of the future.  We therefore work with selected Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) schools to enable them to deliver boccia within the school environment.  This initiative not only allows for children to take part in physical activity but it has evidenced that it also improves a number of life-skills. 

Furthermore, we aim to link individuals interested in progressing their boccia activity with their local boccia club so that they continue to play once they have left school. 

Partnerships & Communities

In order to reach as much of the community as possible, we often work in partnership with other organisations.  In doing so we are able to produce guides, equipment and deliver services or competitions which we would otherwise not have the resources to do on our own.