The role of Competition Support Coordinator is a wide-ranging volunteer position in place at Boccia England competitions to be a point of contact for the officials, and supporting with operations at a competition. Specific duties may vary for different events, subject to requirements.

• Exact duties will be discussed and agreed upon in advance of the event and subject to your individual skills, but examples include;
• Supporting the new/existing timekeepers with the timekeeper system on the iPad
• Point of contact for the officials/volunteers
• Supporting admin on the day for the Head Referee & Competition Manager
• Management of registration of officials/volunteers
• Providing briefing with the Head Referee
• Ensuring that lunch arrives on time, and all officials/volunteers have access to food and regular refreshments
• Filling up the tea & coffee station when needed
• Liaise closely with the Boccia England event staff and volunteer team throughout the competition as needed
• Provide information to people of upcoming volunteering opportunities (crib sheet provided by the People Development Manager before each competition)

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