Registration/ Information Desk 

Before our competitions begin, players must register their attendance.  This role greets players and their assistants/families/friends and logs their registration.  

During the competition this role covers the information desk, answering questions and providing information, seeking advice from staff where necessary.

No experience is required

Photographer/ Videographer

We like to take various photos at our events (subject to GDPR) including action shots, group shots and formal shots.  We also sometimes take video footage of matches, surrounding action or interviews with participants.

Good eye for detail and proficient skill is required

Additionally, where possible, we try to live-stream matches throughout our competition days.  This role requires sitting/standing with a static video camera and zooming in and out as required to showcase the match.

No experience is required

Social Media

During our competitions we update our social media pages with live scores, results, action and news from the competition.  This role is required to keep up to date with what is happening in matches and to liaise with staff for updates.

Excellent attention to detail and grammar as well as knowledge of social media is required.

Surveys/ Interviews

Occasionally, we ask our members and participants to take part in surveys to gauge their views and feedback.  We also sometimes ask a series of interview questions for those involved in boccia to find out how they got involved, what it means to them etc.

This role will go around the competition hall asking those not involved in matches for their feedback.

No experience is required but confidence is required to talk to people

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