The England Talent Pathway is designed to IDENTIFY and DEVELOP coaches and classifiable athletes to a National and International competitive level.

Identify: Working with stakeholders to signpost potential players and caches in the the National Talent Development Programme (NTDP)

Players are assessed in 4 key areas: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mindset

Develop: Through the NTDP athletes and coaches are provided with development opportunities at NTDP camps, educational workshops (face-to-face or virtual), and work with our Pathway Coaches to develop an Individual Action Plan.

Progress: The top of the pathway has 3 tiers:

  • National Talent Development Programme
  • England Futures
  • England Squad

Talent Transition

The talent Transition Programme provides collaboration between Boccia England and the World Class Programme (WCP)

Athletes are identified by Boccia England, in conjunction with Boccia UK, and will receive individual invitations to camps, coaching support, additional services and competition opportunities. The programme takes a holistic overview of an athlete's circumstances and provides targeted support relevant to them as an individual to enhance future performance potential and compete for Boccia UK in the future.

World Class

Boccia England works closely with Boccia UK who operate the World Class section of the pathway. Boccia UK's primary role is running the WCP and is funded by UK Sport for that purpose.

Boccia UK is responsible for sending players to World Boccia sanctioned international competitions to qualify teams, pairs and individuals to represent Great Britain at the Paalympc Games in classifications BC1-4, BC1/BC2 Team, BC3 Pair and BC4 Pair.


We are always looking for new talented boccia player so please get in touch if you think you have what it takes to be an elite boccia player. Please consider whether you are:

Classifiable in BC1-4 

A creative thinker

Keen to learn

Have the desire to progress in the sport


If so, please get in touch: [email protected]