We all enjoy an invitation to tea and now we’re able to meet in person again, what better way to get together than to host a Tea Break with friends, family, or work colleagues and raise funds for Boccia England at the same time?

Inspired by the Tuesday Tea Breaks we have been running to keep players and volunteers connected during the pandemic, we're now inviting everyone Brew-up and Bake for Boccia England!

Anyone can host a Tea Break on any day of the year – all you need is a group of people to invite, a place to meet, or reliable internet connection to run the event online.

Make the event your own. From an informal chat to a quiz, a speaker, some entertainment, a recipe competition or even a boccia challenge. Feel free to do whatever you like and to spend as long as you like together.

Guests donate on the Boccia England website before the Tea Break takes place. We'll set up a page for donations to your Tea Break and suggest a minimum donation of £10 with the option to give more.

To find out more or to register to host a Tea Break visit our Tea Break page.