On Saturday Warwick University Sports & Wellness Hub hosted the final fixture day of the Super League Division 1 & Division 2.

The first round of matches saw Pace A take an 8-2 win over current Division 2 leaders Sheffield Warriors. In Division 1 it was an inter-club rivalry between Paul's Place Raiders and Paul's Place Barbarians, a very close game saw Raiders take a 4 - 3 win.

Southern All Stars got off to a strong start in the second round of matches with a 15nil win over Paul's Place Raiders. Pace A secured a 1st place finish for the final fixture day by winning 9 - 1 against Paul's Place Vikings.

In Division 1, Paul's Place Barbarians needed to hit double figures to be in with a chance of winning todays fixture day and taking the Super League Championship. Congratulations to Southern All Stars who retain the title of Super League Champions (Division 1) for the third season running!

It came down to the last round of matches to determine the Division 2 champions. A nail biting conclusion to the day saw both newly promoted teams, Sheffield Warriors and Paul's Place Vikings competing whilst Pace A waited nervously for the result. Sheffield Warriors took the win 9 -4 securing their spot as Super League Champions (Division 2).

Super League (Division 1) Champions - Southern All Stars

Super League (Division 2) Champions - Sheffield Warriors

Super League Finals day full results can be found here.

Division 1 - Gold - Southern All Stars

                   Silver - Paul's Place Raiders

                   Bronze - Paul's Place Barbarians

Division 2 - Gold - Pace A

                   Silver - Sheffield Warriors

                   Bronze - Paul's Place Vikings