At the start of January, nine Boccia England Future athletes took part in a 1st ever camp where four sports came together to train and learn more about themselves and the other sports. The camp was lead by The True Athlete Project.

The focus over the weekend was how to use mindfulness in sport to help gain better performances. The camp gave approx.. 60 athletes a cross sport experience, trying each other’s sports. Boccia England players were not only playing Boccia, they also had the opportunity to try Archery, Goalball and HandballHere they leant new skills that they could take into their own training.

Over the course of the weekend all the athletes had the opportunity to explore: Risk, Focus, Teamwork and Communication. These themes were all delivered though the power of each sport and really helped the athletes and coaches learn more about themselves. It was a really positive weekend for the athletes and coaches involved. Much planning and organisation had gone into the camp and a massive thank you to those coaches and staff that made the difference to all those involved. Well done to all those who participated in the camp and we look forward to seeing what you have learnt from the other sports and put into your own game.

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