Playing Boccia Resources

Boccia Basics

Game ideas - Skittles

Game ideas - Hoops 1

Game ideas - Hoops 2

Game ideas - Targets

Boccia match scoresheet template

Boccia equipment guidance

Adapting a badminton court for boccia

Sources of individual funding

Delivering a Boccia Competition

Promotional poster template (A4 blue)

Promotional poster template (A4 red)

Promotional leaflet template (A5 blue)

Promotional leaflet template (A5 red)

Find all resources and information relating to Covid-19 on our Back to Boccia page.

Find all resources relating to running a club on our Club and Group Resources page.


Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct - Coaches

Code of Conduct - Family & PA's

Code of Conduct - Officials & Classifiers

Code of Conduct - Players

Code of Conduct - Spectators

Code of Conduct - Volunteers



Find our Governance policies and our Board and Committee Terms of Reference and meeting notes on our Governance page.


Other Policies and Documents

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Health and Safety -  HS Organisation, Responsibilities and Arrangements

Player Ranking System

Clean Sport Commitment

Insurance Certificate

Find our Safeguarding Policies and information on our Safeguarding page.

Find all resources related to running or attending a course on our Course Resources page.

Find all resources related to volunteering for Boccia England on our Volunteer Resources page.