When did you last hold a staff social that made everyone smile?

Would you consider hosting an event that introduced staff to boccia – a Paralympic sport – allowed them to compete with each other and supported the charity behind the development of the game?

Boccia England can provide you with everything required to run a Boccia into Business event. All you need to do is to provide the venue and invite your colleagues to take part.


Why choose boccia for your corporate event?

Boccia is a sport few people have come across. Unless you have a physical disability or know someone who plays. That makes it a bit of a novelty for staff. Don’t we all want to have a go at something new?

Boccia is easy to understand for the first-time player. It takes about two minutes to explain the moves and the rules. For novices!

Staff can turn up in their work clothes. There is no need to change into sports gear or practice beforehand (but we know how competitive people can be)!

Boccia England, the national governing body for the sport, will take care of the rest. We will give a brief introduction to the sport, to our charity, and how staff might get involved with us should they be looking for a volunteer opportunity.

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