Pete's experiences of boccia

In this interview Pete Edwards talks about his involvement in boccia and how he has seen the sport change over time. Pete first got involved in boccia in the late 1990s and has been instrumental in its development and growth in Nottinghamshire. Read more

Owen's boccia story

Owen Porter, member of Prince Arthur Boccia Club in Kent, was named Participation Athlete of the Year Award at the 2021 Boccia England Awards. Here Owen tells us what boccia means to him. Read more

Hackney Warriors are back to boccia

In this Sport England Return to Play video, Kayum and Jolene from Hackney Warriors Boccia Club share their stories and talk about how pleased they are to be back to boccia after the Covid-19 pandemic caused the suspension of training for over a year. Read more

The Paralympic legacy: Gabby's story

England Performance Group athlete, Gabriella Rolls, tells us all about the transformative effect watching the Paralympics has had on her life. Read more

The game has changed my prospects in life

Peter Langton is a BC2 player from West Sussex. Here he tells us how he was introduced to boccia at school, progressed through Boccia England competitions, and has gone on to be part of the Paris Potential programme; hoping to be considered for the Paralympics in 2024. Boccia has had a huge impact on Peter's life and in April he supported Boccia England by hosting The Big Bocciathon! Read more

Rachel's Boccia Story

Rachel Ross is a former England athlete who stepped down from the squad to focus on university in 2011. Having been inspired by the Boccia World Championships in Liverpool in 2018 her love for the sport was rekindled and she's been getting more involved ever since! Read more

Boccia Forums support growth at a local level

In 2019, Boccia England established a network of 12 Boccia Forums across the country to support the growth of boccia at a local level. Find out more about what our Boccia Forums have been up to. Read more

Boccia showed me what inclusion is

Here Sophie Coyne, from Merseyside, tells us about the impact playing and volunteering in boccia has had on her life and why she believes the sport is so powerful. Read more

Luke's love of boccia

Luke from Paul's Place Boccia Team in Bristol is so dedicated to boccia he even has boccia balls tattooed on his arm! He was recently interviewed by Paul's Place staff about his boccia experiences - you can watch the full interview here. Read more

Keeping members engaged during lockdown

Three of our boccia clubs tell us about how they've kept their members playing boccia and socialising with each other over the last 12 months, which has had a really positive impact on their wellbeing. Read more

I am so proud to be my son’s on-court assistant

Sue Berry is the only parent who now represents England on court alongside her son as his BC3 ramp assistant. Here Sue tells us how it feels to be part of Matt's dream. Read more