The Virtually Boccia Challenge was developed to be delivered in schools and colleges and at home for children learning remotely. It has replaced our traditional inter-school competition for the 2020/21 academic year and is running from January to June.

There are three rounds of Virtually Boccia and each round consists of four skills-based challenges. Students complete each skill individually and their score is recorded, contributing to their school/college score. 

Round 2 recently concluded and the results are now available. The current overall leaders are West Borough Primary in Kent - well done!


We have just started the third and final round, which will run through to the end of June.

All the activities so far have been well received with more than 5,400 students from over 140 schools and colleges taking part over rounds one and two.

We have also worked with the Association of Colleges Sport to develop a college virtual boccia competition, which has engaged 413 students across 28 sites to date.

We've received some great feedback from the teachers at the schools taking part:

The children loved taking part in these challenges. It was nice for them to have something different to do, a lot got their families involved and we also made it into a little school competition, which was good for bringing the school community back together.
It was such a wonderful atmosphere in the hall - children encouraging each other, celebrating good scores, supporting each other on how to improve. So lovely to see children who sometimes struggle in PE scoring well and being so proud of themselves.
It's been a great activity to do with the groups of children currently attending school at the moment as it is so inclusive of mixed ages and mixed abilities. Some great ideas.