Well done to our players who have all played tremendously well today.  We are very proud of you all!

Reshad Saraj, James Clowes, Dan Bentley, David Smith and Dan Wain are all through to the semi-finals tomorrow!  

Round 7 - last round of the day still to play

Lee Madison won against Beth Moulam

Matt Berry won against Jess Hunter

Matt Berry vs. Jess Hunter BC3 action: View Round 7 .

Round 6 Results

BC4 Louis Saunders won 7-3 against Kieran Steer

BC4 Evie Edwards won 7-3 against Jayne Milligan

BC2 James Clowes lost 5-1 to Claire Taggart

BC2 Reshad Saraj won 4-1 against Will Hipwell

Live action from Round 6 can be viewed here.

Round 5 Results

BC1 Dan Bentley won 9-2 against William Graham

BC1 Dan Wain won 11-1 against Tia Ruel

BC3 Matt Berry lost 4-2 to Jamie McCowan

BC1 David Smith won 11-0 against Caroline Robinson

BC3 Will Arnott won 10-0 against Lee Maddison

BC3 Jess Hunter won 8-2 against Beth Moulam

BC1 Dan Bentley vs. William Graham is live here.

Round Four Results

BC2 James Clowes won 5-1 against Sian Jones

BC2 Will Hipwell won 5-1 against Lewis McConnell

BC4 Louis Saunders won 9-1 against Evie Edwards

BC2 Reshad Saraj lost 4-2 to Scott Cromie

BC2 Will Hipwell vs. Lewis McConnell can be viewed here.

Round Three Results

BC1 Dan Bentley won 3-1 against Ricky Stevenson

BC1 Caroline Robinson won 4-2 against Tia Ruel

BC1 David Smith won 8-4 against Dan Wain

BC3 Matt Berry won 13-0 against Beth Moulam

BC3 Lee Maddison lost to Jamie McCowan after a tie-break 5-5

Live Action Tia Ruel vs. Caroline Robinson BC1 can be viewed on Facebook.

Round Two Results

BC2 Rashad Sarah won 6-3 against Lewis McConnell

BC2 Will Hipwell lost 3-6 to Scott Crombie

BC4 Evie Edwards won 6-1 against Kieran Steer

BC4 Louis Saunders won 11-1 against Ross Munro

Round One Results

Beth Moulam BC3 lost 3-4 to Jamie McCowan after leading 3-1 after three ends.  Jamie is one of the leading players in the World.

Jess Hunter BC3 won 12-0 against Lee Maddison BC3

Dan Wain BC1 won 2-2 against Caroline Robinson BC1 after winning the tie break

Tia Ruel BC1 lost to David Smith BC1 

Will Arnott won 9-0 against Robyn McBride

Round two action is currently taking place on Facebook