Launched in 2022, our wellbeing toolkit was developed in response to the challenges faced through the recovery from the pandemic and ongoing cost of living crisis, to provide guidance and resources to support the wellbeing of players and volunteers.

From the Big Boccia Survey we know that boccia has a positive impact on people’s lives:

75% of boccia players agree that boccia improves their wellbeing and plays a key role in helping them to feel better.

We also know how important boccia as an activity is to many of our players as it is the only sport or activity that 65% of our players can do.

April is stress awareness month, and this year has a focus on taking action and personal responsibility in creating a positive change. As part of our toolkit, we are pleased to share personal accounts from players and volunteers about the power of boccia and how the sport has helped to improve their wellbeing.

Please help more people to find out about boccia and the benefits it brings, through sharing these videos and join us in Improving Lives Through Boccia.


Thank you to all the players and volunteers who have shared their moving and powerful personal stories with us.

Visit the Wellbeing Toolkit to find out more about how boccia can be used to support wellbeing.

Wellbeing Toolkit