Over the weekend of 4th and 5th November, Macclesfield Leisure Centre played host to the BE Cup and Heathcoat Cup North competitions where it was great to see so many players returning to both competitions.

The weekend started with the BE Cup with many close matches being taken to tie-break. After 33 closely contested matches here are the final standings:


1st - Richard Armstrong

2nd - Michael Halfpenny

3rd - Amy Lewington


1st - Jason Rolph,

2nd - Tom Ainsworth

3rd - Jonathon Broadfield

4th - Sam Hindley

5th - Stephen Miller

6th - Rachel Ross

7th - Soleil Palmer


1st - Rafael Young/ David Ellis

2nd - Lee Croker/ Drew Croker

3rd - Georgina Moore/ Lisa Hutton

4th - Lee Maddison

5th - Liam Beresford

6th - Abbie Hunniset

The action didn’t stop there with 43 Heathcoat Cup athletes playing on Sunday. The athletes enjoyed the competition and were excited to play new players from different clubs and different parts of the country.

With all the matches played, here are the medallists from all of the classifications:


1st - Azhad Fauzi/ Rozita Mohamed

2nd - Nicholas Allen/ Brian Allen

3rd - Donna Owen/ Alix Whitchurch


1st - Natasha Critchley

2nd - Connor Dixon

3rd - Sam Oldknow


1st - Carla Woods

2nd - Hope Pugh

3rd - Thomas Brown


1st - Neil Pitchford

2nd - Phil Ross

3rd - Joe Majchrzak


We would like to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers who continue to deliver and support our competitions, making them a great success. If you would like to support a future event, please contact us on [email protected].