We would like to remind coaches about the shot type terminology update that was introduced across the sport in 2019. The change in language was led by the BISFed Development Committee to create an internationally known sporting terminology around the world. The shot types and supporting descriptions can be viewed in the table below or via this video

Shot Type


1st Ball

First ball delivered after the jack


Any ball which is delivered into a target area e.g. jack ball or scoring space

Push on

Pushing own ball closer to jack

Push off

Pushing opposition ball away from jack

Smash / Explosion

An attacking shot which disturbs multiple balls in the scoring area


A shot played to rebound off a ball and into a scoring zone


A shot played to move a target ball by attacking over a ball

Bounce Over

An aerial trajectory shot aimed at bouncing over  a barrier ball to reach a specific target

Roll On Top

A shot with the intention of playing the ball and it remaining on top of another ball

Roll Up and Over

A shot with the intention of the ball rolling up and over

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