We are delighted to announce that UK boccia official, Richard Evans has been appointed to the BISFed Referees Committee. 

BISFed is the International Federation responsible for governing boccia and for representing the sport on the global stage, so Richard's appointment is fantastic news!

Richard is heavily involved in Boccia England. In addition to being a referee and head referee at many of our competitions, he is also a course tutor and officials developer. Richard also previously worked for the organisation as Performance Manager.

In response to the news, Richard said:

“It is a great honour to represent Europe on the BISFed Referees Committee. Boccia is more than just sport, hobby and career it is a passion of mine and if it wasn’t for the many people over the years that have supported and encouraged me in the sport I wouldn’t be here today. I see the Referees Committee as an opportunity for me to reciprocate by offering my skills and experience to encourage and support referees from around the world in their officiating journey.”

The Referees Committee is responsible for:

  1. Development pathway, education and accreditation for referees
  2. Making recommendations on referees for competitions

Richard will be joining an experienced team of referees from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, and Hong Kong, fellow UK boccia official, Pam Johnston is chair of the Referees Committee.