Launched today, we have developed the Virtually Boccia Challenge for schools and colleges. This challenge replaces our usual National School Competition due to the Covid-19 restrictions we face. We hope schools and colleges will enjoy taking part in this opportunity for young people to develop their skills and challenge each other. 

This is a series of skill-based challenges, with each student completing the challenge, contributing to their school or college score. There will be three rounds, with each round consisting of four activities. If you do not have boccia equipment, then don’t panic. The activities can be completed using other PE or home equipment (i.e. tennis balls, bean bags, socks).

1st Round – 11th January – 26th February

2nd Round – 8th March – 30th April (longer due to Easter holiday) 

3rd Round – 10th May – 25th June


The Virtually Boccia Challenge is free for schools and colleges to access.

The deadline for schools and colleges to signup is 3pm on Friday 27th November. CLICK HERE  to sign up your school/college. Once you have signed up you will not receive an automated email confirmation, all confirmation emails will be sent following the closing date and you will receive a pack with more details.

Please ‘spread the word’ on social media using #VirtuallyBoccia and get involved!

If you have any questions about the Virtually Boccia Challenge or would like to find out more about our other offers, please contact Dan Headley on [email protected].