The East Midlands Boccia Forum held a Back to Boccia Local competition in Loughborough on Sunday, which was attended by 20 athletes.

Forum Lead Kate Dewhirst organised the competition, supported by six referees and four event support volunteers.


Well done to everyone involved!

Medalists were:


Gold: Jabe Peake

Silver: Sam Hindley

Bronze: Rachel Ross


Gold: Rafael Young

Silver: Jonathan Brough

Bronze: Donna Owen


Gold: Sam Oldknow

Silver: Harvey Cooper

Bronze: Rebecca Grambury


Gold: Oliver Hastings

Silver: Connor Yardley

Bronze: Joe Ballantyne


Gold: Neil Pitchford

Silver: Joe Majchrzak

Bronze: Dakota Hunt


The "Officials Athlete of the Day" award went to Sam Oldknow

The "Players Athlete of the Day" award went to Izzy Collier

Find all the photos from the day in our Facebook album.