Boccia England is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for everyone to participate in boccia and will be kicking off 2020 by launching the brand new Boccia Boost Accreditation scheme. Launching on the 6 January 2020, the new Boccia Boost accreditation scheme will be available to clubs as well as schools, charities, and other organizations which deliver Boccia.

The new Boccia Boost Accreditation recognizes the good practice of those who deliver Boccia on a regular basis and has three levels;

  • Bronze - Details the minimum operating standards that Boccia England expects a club to meet when delivering Boccia.
  • Silver - Designed to recognize clubs who can demonstrate they are working to develop and provide high levels of coaching, officiating and governance within their setting.
  • Gold - This level is to showcase those clubs who are providing an exceptional level of Boccia coaching, officiating and governance, not only for their own players but also for the growth of boccia across England.

Please note, you do not need to complete these levels in order – you can apply for silver or gold if it suits your clubs best!

In addition to showing potential players, funders and partners that you are running safe, structured and well-managed boccia provision, being an accredited club brings a range of benefits.

For a full list of benefits and how each level of accreditation can be achieved, please read the Boccia Boost Accreditation pack which can be downloaded here.

So how can you get involved? Once you have decided on which level of accreditation you would like to apply for, all you have to do to start the process is to complete a quick survey via this link.

For more information about the Boccia Boost Accreditation, please contact Boccia England by emailing [email protected] or calling 07809 336 321.