Boccia England has received the following notice from BISFed and would encourage anyone who has suggestions for rule changes to complete the survey mentioned.

The BISFed Rules committee is starting the process of rule revision for 2021-24 quadrennial. The BISFed Rules Committee has the goal of ensuring that all the Boccia Rules are fair and equitable for all Boccia participants.

As a first step, BISFed has created a survey in order to collect your suggestions and requests. In this Survey, you will be able to explain change requests to current Rules and/or you will be able to suggest new rules.  

Access the survey here. 

All submissions will be collected by BISFed and forwarded to the Rules Committee for review.  If any requests do not have a clear answer one way or the other, we may call for a vote to ask for a majority decision. 

Rule changes occur once every four years – immediately following the Paralympics. BISFed would like to have all discussions completed long before that so that the updated Rules can be published very early into the new quadrennial cycle.

Be sure to submit your rule change request (through Survey Monkey only) by April 30th, 2020.

For any questions please contact Dominique Tremblay on [email protected]