Renew Your Membership

The membership season starts 1st October and runs until 31st September.

You can renew your membership for the new year or purchase membership for the new season from 1st September.

If you are set up for Auto Renewal, your membership will renew on 1st October.

The table below details the price for the new season.

Membership 2023/2024 price
Clubs £45.00
Clubs Individuals £5.00
Schools £10.00
Individuals 19 + £15.00
Individuals U19 £5.00

Renew Your Membership


To support you with your membership renewal, below are some of the frequently asked questions.

Q: How do I renew my membership for another year / season?

  1. Click on the button above which will take you to the online membership portal
  2. You will need your username and password
  3. Check your details are up to date and correct 
  4. Follow the instructions to renew your membership
  5. You will receive a confirmation email with useful information - please read this.
  6. For any other information, check out our Membership Resources page

Q: How do I change the membership package I have?

Boccia England has five different membership packages. You can change this on your Boccia Base profile:

Click on 'Membership' in your profile then click on 'Status' (see below)

Then use the drop down list to select the membership type you would like to register with*:

*This will only show the membership types you are eligible for

If you are unable to update following these steps, please contact [email protected] or call us on 0115 967 8455.

Q: How do I cancel my Auto-Renew?

You can cancel you Auto-Renewal through your profile in Boccia Base.

Click on 'Membership' in your profile then click on 'Status' (see below)

At the bottom of the pop up screen, click on 'Cancel Auto Renewal'

Q: How do I change my club?

Click on 'Membership' in your profile then click on 'Status' (see below)

On screen 2/6, use the drop down to select your club, if you are not a member of a club, please select 'Unaffiliated'