Alfie Yates

Classification: BC5

About me: I am currently 13 years old and I live in Leeds. I have been playing

boccia for 4 years. I play at Club: Jorvik Boccia. I have a younger brother who is very

sporty and a great Mum and Dad who drive me everywhere . My favourite food is fish and chips.

Hobbies: Watching rugby, playing the piano, xboxing, drawing, Lego, reading

Interests: Current affairs, sport, jokes

Competition success:

Gold in ETP (England Teams and Pairs),

Gold in 1st round of Super

League, Gold in 1st BE Cup qualifier.

Academy: Knights


Celia Turk

Classification: BC3

About me: I have a BSc. MSc and am known as Ce.  I have quadriplegic CP and Dysarthria. I live independently with my team of PAs and my cat Tsonga. My Mum is an International Boccia Referee. My Dad has been my ramp assistant since 2002. I have a sister and two nieces. 

Hobbies: Socialising, going out in the evening to the cinema, concerts, theatre or for a meal, shopping, bars and clubs, listening to music, watching TV, spending time on my computer, spending time with my family

Interests: I love all things related to musical theatre and I really enjoy medical dramas and documentaries

Competition success:

  • 9 times National Champion – 2017, 2016, 2013, 2012, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2001
  • Twice BE pairs Champion – 2018, 2017
  • Czech Republic Individual International Championships silver medallist - 2011
  • Four times Cheshire International Pairs Champion – 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011
  • Selected to join the London 2012 Paralympic Great Britain Boccia Squad - 2010
  • British Champion – 2009
  • Barcelona Pairs & Individual International Championships won silver in pairs & another in individuals – 2009
  • Montreal Pairs International Championships silver medallist - 2008
  • Riverland Pairs International Cup Silver medallist - 2008
  • Twice Vienna International Pairs silver medalist.
  • Twice Cheshire Pairs International Championships Bronze medallist
  • Four times British silver medallist
  • Twice British bronze medallist
  • Twice National silver medallist
  • Twice National Bronze medallist
  • CP Sport Player of the Year – 2008
  • Belgium International Pairs Champion 1999
  • DSE Champion - 1999

 Academy: Scorpions


Jabe Peake

Classification: BC1

About me:  I’m a nineteen year old, going to university in September 2019  to study Maths and Economics. As well as playing boccia, I love to spend time with friends and family, play board games, and relax. Boccia has become a big part of my life; it’s a great game and the people that I’ve met are really important to me.

Hobbies: playing board games, going out with friends and family and relaxing.

Interests: Politics, Maths, and of course Boccia!

Competition success: I’m the BE winner 2017 and 2018.

I’ve received a medal in friendly tournaments in Poland, Slovakia, and Russia. 

Academy: Hawks


Lewis Fisher

Classification: BC 3

About me:  I am an outgoing lad from Newcastle upon Tyne with Cerebral palsy. I am a fun, friendly person who takes on every challenge, loves life and loves doing fun things with my friends and carers. I am football mad and one day I hope to see Liverpool win the premier league. My favourite musicians tend to be girl bands like Little Mix and Spice girls! 

Hobbies: Boccia, skiing, shows and music concerts

Interests: Music, sport, food

Competition success: National championships 13/14 (Silver)

Academy: Vipers





Lee Maddison

Classification: BC3

About me: I'm a very outgoing person. Boccia is a very big part of my life, when I'm not training or competing, I'm either out socialising, looking after my nephew or volunteering. I volunteer at the Percy Headley Foundation and Smile Though Sport, helping to deliver sport sessions. I also go into schools/colleges to assist low level learners play Boccia.

Hobbies: I support Middlesbrough Football Club. I sometimes go fishing.

Interests: Boccia, Football, Darts and going out socialising.

Competition success:

National championship 2000,

Holland Pairs Open 2007

Vienna Pairs Gold 2008-2009

Tatra Cup individual Bronze 2018

Scottish Open Pairs International Bronze 2017

BE Cup medals 2011 to present.

 Academy: Vipers


Matt Berry

Classification: BC3

About me: I’m 23, have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and have been playing Boccia for 10 years. I am currently part of the England squad and play internationally.  I graduated with a 2:1 BSc Honours Degree in engineering from Portsmouth University. I have designed two websites and I’m employed by the Duchenne Family Support Group to manage their website. I have travelled extensively including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Europe, Africa and Thailand.

Hobbies and Interests:  Star Wars, sport (Arsenal fan}, film and TV, comedy and Music, website design

Competition success:

Individual Bronze Russia 2016

Individual Gold Slovakia 2017

6th BE Cup 2017

Individual Bronze and Pairs Gold Russia 2017

4th BE Cup 2018

Individual Gold Scottish Open 2018

Academy: Scorpions


Penny Froude

Classification: BC4

About me: I started playing boccia around 7 years ago. I have also had successes in Rifle Shooting, including winning Gold against mixed able & disabled athletes and Silver in the Essex League. I coach boccia once a week. I own a card making business and have sold my work to shops.

Hobbies: Card Making, Crafts, Cinema, Computer Games & Nature Walks

Interests: Animals, Biology, Music and Thriller Films

Competition success:

National Champion 2016

Gold, Silver & Bronze in various Regionals

Academy: Scorpions




Reshad Saraj

Classification: BC2

About me: I am hardworking, committed, and always looking forward to getting better and improving in the sport that I play in. I am a very caring person but sometimes my passion for boccia will show up more. I enjoy my time off but always have boccia on my mind.

Hobbies: Gaming, Music

Interests: Reading sportspeople biographies, informational YouTube videos either about Sports or Athletes

Competition success:

Two Time National England Champion

England Champion 2018

Scottish Champion

Runner Up in Boccia UK Championship 2018

Ranked number 2 in England

Boccia England Player of the Year 2016

Polish Open Champion 2016

Academy: Hawks


Tim Hayes

Classification: BC2

About me: I have been playing boccia competitively for around 10 years and at a high level for the last 6 years. I have had incredible opportunities and experiences to represent and compete for my country. I really enjoy participating in such a great, accessible and engaging sport.           

Hobbies: Cinema, smashing the gym! Swimming, meeting up with friends, going to Chelsea games, comedy events and board games

Interests: Football, Rugby, films, comedy and cars  

Competition success:

2017 BC2 UK Champion

2017 Team and Individual bronze Czech Open

2017 Russia International Silver

2018 Gold Slovakian Boccia International

2018 BE Cup Silver 2016 Gold Russia international   

Academy: Scorpions


Tia Ruel

Classification: BC1 

 About me: I have been playing boccia for 10 years and in that time I have become an England player, and Captain of the England team BC1/BC2. I am also part of the GB transition group and hope to one day compete at a Paralympics. 

 Hobbies: theatre, musicals, music and obviously shopping. 

 Interests: musicals, baking, sports and psychology!

 Competition success:

Slovakia 2018 Bronze

BE Cup Gold 2019

Scotland 2017 Silver (against the world champion!!!) 

 Academy: Hawks


Will Arnott

Classification: BC3

About me: I got into boccia in 2011 and spent 5 years as a BC4 before becoming a BC3 in 2016. I have been part of the EPG since 2017 and have played international with the England team in Russia and the Czech Republic.

Hobbies: All sports especially football, video games.

Interests: Sports coaching- I am currently taking a degree in sports coaching at solent university. I am also an arsenal fan.

Competition success:

BE cup champion 2018

UK championship runner up 2018

Scottish open champion 2017

Winner of Russia under-23 international competition 2017

Rrunner up in the Czech international Boccia open 2017

Academy: Scorpions


Will Hipwell

Classification: BC2

About me: I work in IT for a big construction company.  When I’m not working I’m normally watching football or going to stand-up comedy shows. I enjoy keeping fit and try to go to the gym at least twice a week.

Hobbies: I enjoy watching football, I support Cambridge United and have a season ticket. I also enjoy watching stand-up comedy and going to gigs. My favourite bands include Churches, London Grammar and Jimmy Eat World.

Interests: Football, Music, Stand-up Comedy, Theatre and Cars.

Competition success:

January 2019: I finished second in the BE Cup Qualifier in Sheffield.

June 2018: I finished third at the UK Boccia Championships in Scotland.

March 2018: I competed at a Regional Open in Madrid with UK Boccia. In the Team competition we won the Gold medal. In the Individual competition I managed to reach the quarter finals.

Academy: None