Coach Advance Programme

The Coach Advance Programme is a series of interactive workshops for active boccia coaches.
It is a programme of continuous professional development, aimed at upskilling the boccia coaching community across the UK. Workshops are delivered by a team of experienced boccia coaches/tutors and cover a range of sport-specific and general coaching modules. Previous workshops have included;

  • Self Reflection
  • Planning
  • Developing your skill to develop their skill
  • Conditioning and Physical Preparation
  • Coaching BC3 Players

Get involved:
The sessions are spread around the country and coaches can register for workshops as they become available. Note – depending on the content, some workshops may hold specific attendance prerequisites.


Coach Advance Award

Within the Coach Advance Programme, there is a formally assessed ‘Award’ element aimed at the development of boccia coaches displaying potential and commitment to progress through the UK Coaching Framework.

Through the programme of blended learning, delegates are required to attend a set series of workshops over a 12 month period, as well as collaborate with a dedicated mentor on a one to one basis.

Get involved:
Attendance on the Coach Advance Award is via an application process and submissions for the next Award are expected to commence in 2022.