On 10 May, the government confirmed changes to what's allowed in relation to sport and physical activity as part of the next phase of its response to the Covid-19 outbreak which means that some sports activities were able to restart from Wednesday 13 May.

We understand that this guidance relates to outdoor sports only that can safely operate under the guidelines, including with relevant social distancing.

As far as boccia is concerned, it is important to remind everyone in the boccia community that Boccia England’s position remains the same in that all our current club activities, competitions and courses remain suspended until further notice.

This also includes any activities taking place through any of our affiliated clubs or by our members. Our guidance is available at https://www.bocciaengland.org.uk/coronavirus. Any changes to the guidance will also be published at this location.

We appreciate that this situation has been difficult for our members and clubs and we continue to stress the importance of continuing to respect the conditions that have been set out to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members is paramount.

We will continue to plan for our return to boccia through the provision of clear guidelines to our members, and our clubs so there is a clear understanding in what conditions need to be in place before we can return.

To assist with planning for a return to our sport, we will establish a working group to look at setting out any guidance that may be required so that operational decisions can be made. This work will focus on providing guidance on a safe and enjoyable return to boccia.