Sol has a rare degenerative condition that means that he has progressively and rapidly lost muscle strength and posture and now has difficulty remaining upright. He still attends school but can no longer use school transport as it is unsafe for him to do so. Sol is an extremely bright young man and is fully aware of his condition and the outcome which has, in recent times, caused him anger and frustration leading to intolerance of his peers, and isolating himself when in school.

Through playing boccia he has become a different person.

He has led his team to their second National Final and has supported them outstandingly at both County and Regional level. He is kind, considerate, thoughtful, motivated and makes every member of the team feel valued and important. He has supported younger students at the school with similar conditions and has become an outstanding and dignified young leader and ambassador for the school. Most importantly, he is now proud of Himself. He has self-worth and was heard to say on his return to school after coming fourth in last year’s Finals, ‘I’m actually good at something’.