England squad member James Clowes, tells us why he's so grateful for his mum, Amanda, for everything from competition and training support to nutrition guidance and event first aid.


Throughout my Boccia journey, my mum has supported me at all my regional, national and international competitions, as well all academies and England Performance Group camps. My mum also assisted me on two Great Britain Paralympic Potential Talent cycles.

Mum has and continues to assist me in many ways regarding boccia, this varies from enabling me to be at the right place and the right time for competitions, to most recently supporting me maintain my home boccia and strength and conditioning sessions at home over the past year of lockdowns. 

My mum has assisted me for my whole boccia career (the past 12 years). She knows what I need in terms of warm-up, nutrition and hydration and can anticipate what I require after a training session and a match, as she knows my training and competition routines.

Also, my mum is a registered nurse, which has come in very helpful in a lot of occasions at Boccia for both myself and my teammates. This has included giving me medical assistance on court, when I had an incident that needed treatment during a game. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my mum for everything she does for me and how she has supported me through my Boccia journey and continues to do so.