I first heard about boccia at secondary school and after attending the weekly club for around two years we went on a trip to watch boccia being played at the London 2012 Paralympic games. After this trip we held a young official’s course at school which I attended. Over the last five years I have refereed all over the country at various competitions and I have progressed to become a level 3 referee.


We also held a young leader’s course at school and since then, I have continued coaching and I’m now a level 2 qualified coach as well. I ran the school boccia club for three years, have also supported three community clubs in my local area and I am an assistant coach at one of the academies. I have organised and run boccia competitions on behalf of Boccia England and have also delivered talks and sessions to various community groups to teach people about our sport.


Boccia has had a massive impact on all aspects of my life. I was a completely different person when I first began refereeing. Without boccia and all that it has taught me, I honestly don’t believe that I would have made it through my exams or applied for university. I have been able to develop a number of skills and qualities through refereeing and coaching, especially my confidence and independence as a result of travelling to and from competitions alone.


The opportunities that Boccia England has given me (especially Talent Camp) have been incredible and their support has encouraged me to develop. I have made so many friends and their support both on and off court has been crucial to my development and progress. I get to work all over the country with all sorts of amazing people - athletes, assistants, officials, coaches, parents, staff. No matter whether I’m refereeing or coaching I’m surrounded by amazing people.


In the future, I hope to become an international referee. The dream is to make it to the Paralympics as a referee one day. I also want to continue coaching boccia as this is one of the most rewarding things I do and I love it. I’ve just finished my first year at university and hope to pursue a career in disability sport when I finish my studies.