Being a dad who plays Boccia at a high level is never plain sailing but has many rewards. Welcoming our little girl into the world 18 months ago changed my life forever but didn’t change my passion for boccia. If anything I am now more driven to achieve my goals. I teach my daughter that nothing can hold you back and that as a family we support each other no matter what. My daughter attends competitions and keeps me grounded, she can instantly pick me up if I’m feeling frustrated or deflated after a game with her smile and her little quirks.

I lost my father when I was not too much older than my daughter is now. I’ve always hoped he would have been proud of me but I was very lucky to have the unconditional support of a fantastic grandad who helped me no end throughout my boccia career and will always be the man that I look up to, respect and strive to be like with my children. 


I hope that growing up within the boccia family will ensure that my daughter is accepting of all people regardless of their disability, gender, race or any other uniqueness they may have.