Head Pointer: VAT Exemption

The Boccas Head Pointer is an essential piece of kit for players who use their head to release the ball.

The helmet is comfortable and easy to put on and the pointer is easily extended and rotated so a player can push a ball on the ramp at virtually any angle.

This item is dispatched direct from our Supplier in Portugal.

Tax Exempt? 

You will not have to pay VAT if the following 3 condition are applicable:

  • You declare that you (or a person for whom you are purchasing the product on behalf of) are chronically sick or disabled.*
  • The products that you are purchasing are eligible to be supplied at zero rate of VAT.
  • The product that you purchasing are being supplied to you (or the person for whom you are purchasing the products on behalf of) are for domestic use only.

If you are tax exempt, please complete this form.