This document provides practical guidelines, based on government guidance, to allow boccia training in England to return indoors safely. A return to activity should be done at the right time and pace for you, your club or group – and of course when the government’s guidelines allow you to reopen. This guidance document is specifically for clubs or groups - individuals should make their own judgement as to when they return to playing boccia and at the right time for them, using the guidance provided here when ready. For the purposes of this document the word ‘club’ will be used to cover groups of boccia players playing together.


A return to match play and competition will come at a later date.


The guidance in this document has been broken down in to the following sections; session planning, use of venue and facilities, social distancing, cleaning and hygiene, equipment, health and wellbeing of players, and parents/guardians and personal assistants. Additional supporting documentation can be found within the appendices.


Boccia England want to reassure players and clubs that we are here to provide support and encourage you to contact our staff team for additional support if necessary.


The following guidance has been reviewed and approved by Boccia England’s insurance provider Blue Fin. Clubs that do not follow the guidance may find their insurance cover invalidated.

Download our return to training guidance here.