The top BC1, BC2, BC3 and BC4 players came together to compete for the title of champion in their relevant classes.

The competition took place at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield.  Spectators were entertained by some fantastic boccia at the venue and online through our streaming service.

A BIG THANK YOU to our team of volunteers!

The competition results were as follows:


 Gold - Jabe Peake (Qualifies for UK Championships)

 Silver - Daniel Wain (Qualifies for UK Championships)

 Bronze - Caroline Robinson (Qualifies for UK Championships)

4th place - Luke Bate
5th place - Alex Dukes
6th place - Justin Allen
7th place - Tia Ruel
8th place - Holly Goodwyn


Gold - Reshad Saraj (Qualifies for UK Championships)

Silver - Tim Hayes (Automatic Qualifier)

Bronze - William Hipwell (Qualifies for UK Championships)

4th place - James Clowes (Qualifies for UK Championships)
5th place - Zoe Robinson
6th place - Amy Darlow
7th place - Peter Langton
8th place - Thomas Ferry
9th place - David Hill
10th place - Dan Bentley
11th place - Jasper MacCall


Gold - William Arnott (Qualifies for UK Championships)

Silver - Jess Hunter (Automatic Qualifier)

Bronze - Rich Amos (Qualifies for UK Championships)

4th place - Matt Berry
5th place - Cameron Coxall
6th place - Lee Maddison
7th place - Cecilia Turk
8th place - Lewis Fisher
9th place - Lee Croker
10th place - Beth Moulam
11th place - Jamie Keat


  Gold - Evie Edwards (Qualifies for UK Championships)
  Silver - Lewis Hammans (Qualifies for UK Championships)
  Bronze - Harry Thompson (Qualifies for UK Championships)
  4th place - Penny Froude

The UK Championships take place Friday 8th June - Sunday 10th June at Sportscotland Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre.  

Good Luck to all the Qualifiers!