The Teams and Pairs Competition saw the England Performance Group (EPG) face off against teams and pairs from the five Academies.

At the start of May, 35 athletes from across the country descended on West Notts College in Mansfield for the return of the Team and Pairs Competition.

The five boccia Academies: Scorpions, Hawks, Gladiators, Knights and Vipers had each selected and entered athletes to compete in the BC1/2 Team, BC3 Pair or BC4 Pair inter-academy competition.

There were a number of prizes up for grabs, with everybody wanting to get their hands on a medal. The Academies were competing for the Academy Trophy and in the BC3 competition, they were playing for the Rachel Morgan Memorial Trophy.

BC1/2 Team competition

The Gold medal went to England White - Reshad Saraj, Tia Ruel and Tim Hayes

Silver to England Red - Jasper MacCall, Will Hipwell and Jabe Peake

Bronze to the Knights Academy - Jason Rolph, Amy Darlow and Caroline Robinson

Pairs BC3 competition

Gold went to the Scorpions Academy - Cecilia Turk and Cameron Coxall

Silver for England Blue - William Arnott and Rich Amos

Bronze for England White - Lewis Fisher, Matt Berry and Lee Maddison

Pairs BC4 Competition

Gold to England - Penny Froude and Alfie Yates

Silver to The Hawks Academy - Aiden Robinson and Mitchell Robinson

Bronze to The Vipers Academy - Tom Armstrong and Oliver Crawshaw

Academy Trophy

Taking home, the Academy Trophy and the Rachel Morgan Memorial Trophy was the Scorpions Academy

A huge THANK YOU to our volunteers that helped out on the day refereeing and timing.

We hope everyone had a fantastic day! 

Following the success of the competition we will look to host this event annually and continue to push the standards of our Teams and Pairs throughout the England Talent Pathway.

For further information on how to access our Academies please contact Dan Headley [email protected]