Boccia England are hosting National Boccia Day which will take place at sports clubs, community centres and schools up and down the country on Thursday 27th September.

On National Boccia Day people are encouraged to get in touch with Boccia England and their local Boccia club to learn more about getting involved in this Paralympicsport.

The Boccia World Championships were recently held in Liverpool and the event was a great success with more people than ever before coming along to spectate.

This National Boccia Day, Boccia England, are hoping to build on the World Championships and continue to raise the profile of Boccia across the country.Events and activities will be happening all over England. Some of the events planned include a school boccia competition in Lincolnshire for 30 teams, a stroke association taster session in Sunderland and a come and try festival in Kent.

Chair of Boccia England Mike Walker said: ‘Boccia is a great sport which everyone can get involved in through coaching, officiating or indeed playing. Following the success of the World Championships in Liverpool, we at Boccia England are looking forward to using National Boccia Day to celebrate our sport and continue to raise the profile throughout the country’.

Boccia athlete and multi Paralympic medal winner David Smith said

'I think this is a truly great way to get more people involved in this awesome sport, and I hope that National Boccia Day inspires Paralympians of the future’.