Join members of the Boccia England staff team on 17 August in Windsor in the UK’s only mass- participation sports series for the everyday superhero- the UK’s 13.3 million people with disabilities and their friends and family.  The ethos is “anything goes” so anyone can take part and take as long as they like and use whatever gadets and gismos needed, from floats and boats to adapted bikes and trikes- it’s all about fun!


We have 12 places left for this epic relay of swimming, cycling and running/pushing.  You can enter as an individual or pair and we can find your remaining team members or you can enter as a full team of three or fly solo and do the three stages yourself!  The only caveat is that one member of the team must have a disability.  Assistants/ Sidekicks can come with you to support you and aren’t included in the team numbers!


Three ways to take part


  • Team Up: Unite with friends and family or other boccia friends to take on a relay stage each and share the work/ fun
  • Grab a Sidekick: Tow, push and pull a friend or loved one around the entire course
  • Fly Solo: For superheries who want to do all there stages on their own!


Three distances to choose from


  • Sprint Superhero Tri: 150m swim, 3k cycle, 1k run/push
  • Half Superhero Tri: 400m swim, 10k cycle, 2.5k run/push
  • Full Superhero Tri (Paralympic distance): 750m swim, 20k cycle, 5k run/push


Participants can use all types of gadgets and gizmos and there are no cut-off times so you can take as long as you like getting around the course.


For more information visit the Superhero Tri webpage.


What is the point of all this?


  • To have fun whilst being active
  • To instil confidence and increase participation
  • To inject star quality and increase awareness of boccia



So why not join us in the fun? Contact us today to get your FREE place and help us raise awareness of boccia: [email protected]