Hundreds of people joined in with National Boccia Day on Thursday 27th September. Boccia clubs, schools, businesses and charities celebrated Boccia through a range of boccia fests and activities.

We weren’t able to include all of the fantastic activities here but Boccia England would like to thank each and everyone of you who got involved on the day and promoted our fantastic sport.

Leeds IM Boccia Club got the day off to a fantastic start with a boccia fest including our youngest National Boccia Day supporter.

Irwin Mitchell offices across the country took part in lunch time boccia sessions.

Sheffield Smashers celebrated all the reasons they loved boccia throughout the day.

Victoria Boccia Club and Livability Victoria Education Centre took part in activities throughout the day.

More Boccia fests were held by Sports Able, YMCA Surrey, The Brain Charity and Wandsworth School Games.

Throughout the day players, coaches and supporters of Boccia also took to social media to tell the world why they love the sport. We have included some of the fantastic reasons here.

“I love Boccia because it gives me the opportunities to compete at the top level on equal terms with my opponents. It has also shaped who I am as a person by improving my independence, my work ethic and my self-awareness. Without Boccia I wouldn’t have met my Wife.”  David Smith, BC1 Paralympic and World Champion.

“I love boccia because it enables me to compete in a game I love and socialise with friends”
Debbie Carlsberg, Boccia Player.

“I love Boccia because it is a true inclusive sport, anyone can play it whatever their age and ability”
Viviene Lathbury, Boccia Volunteer.

“I love boccia because it has given me opportunities I never thought I would get to experience. It has made me into the coach I am today, allowed me to represent my country in Russia with an awesome England squad. I have met some amazing people and above all else met my best friends”Rio Jade, Boccia Coach.

“I love Boccia because it’s helped to stabilise my son’s DMD, it’s allowed him to achieve and for us to travel to many Countries and meet many people from around the World who have become very good friends. Boccia is my life, my passion.”
Michelle Thompson, Boccia Parent.

Planning for National Boccia Day 2019 is already underway with plans for a new social media campaign, a National Boccia Day challenge and a pack of freebies for those getting involved. The day will be held on Friday 27th September 2019. Look out for the launch of National Boccia Day 2019 in the spring.