Boccia England were at the University of Hertfordshire Sports Village for the final round of The BE Cup and the penultimate Heathcoat Cup competition! Many thanks to our fantastic team of volunteers that supported the competitions.

The BE Cup Hatfield

Congratulations to The BE Cup medal winners listed below.  All BE Cup players will attend a play off competition on 25th and 26th March where qualification for The BE Cup Finals will take place.

BC4 Gold medallist Harry Thompson

BC4 Silver medallist Penny Froude

BC3 Gold medallist William Arnott

BC2 Gold medallist Reshad Saraj

BC2 Silver medallist Will Hipwell

BC1 Gold medallist Tia Ruel

BC1 Silver medallist Jabe Peake

Heathcoat Cup Hatfield

Heathcoat Cup Hatfield was certainly a busy one with over 100 matches played throughout the day!  Heathcoat Cup travels to its final destination on Sunday 11th March in Gateshead!

Congratulations to the Heathcoat Cup medal winners:

BC2 competition

BC2 Gold medallist David Hill (Qualifier)

BC2 Silver medallist Rachel Hanks (Qualifier)

BC2 Bronze medallist Ramandeep Mann

BC3 competition

BC3 Gold medallist Jamie Keat (Qualifier)

BC3 Silver medallist Kai Shah (Qualifier)

BC3 Bronze medallist Josh Wilkins

BC5 competition

BC5 Gold medallist Mitchell Robinson (Qualifier)

BC5 Silver medallist George Bellinger (Qualifier)

BC5 Bronze medallist Paul Akers

BC6 competition

BC6 Gold medallist Anton Walton (Qualifier)

BC6 Silver medallist Patrick Morrin

BC6 Bronze medallist Emma Kirby (Qualifier)

BC8 competition

BC8 Gold medallist Luke Lowe (Qualifier)

BC8 Gold medallist Charlotte Carr (Qualifier)

BC8 Bronze medallist Jack Conie (Qualifier)