Board of Directors

We are governed by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom are Independent.  Our charity acts in accordance with our Articles of Association.

The Board has the following Sub-Committees:

  • Governance Committee: Responsible for overseeing governance issues, including finances, policies and fundraising.
  • Nomination Committee: Responsible for reviewing the size and structure of the Board to ensure succession planning, and to be involved in Board and senior management recruitment.
  • Audit Committee: Responsible for overseeing the internal and external audits of the organisation and reviewing annual reports.
  • Remuneration Committee: Responsible for reviewing salaries, expenses rates and pension arrangements.
  • Development Advisory Group: Responsible for working on specific development areas.

To view notes of our Board, Committees and Groups please click here.

Codes of Conduct

 Boccia England recognises that sporting excellence and enjoyment are only achieved by participants and spectators through adherence to the highest moral, ethical and sporting standards. Our Codes of Conduct form the ethical philosophy under which the sport operates. They set out the standards of behaviour that is expected of all within boccia in England in line with the values of Boccia England, ‘to be honest, fair, respectful, ambitious, excellent, and professional’. Everyone involved in boccia is expected to adhere to the principles set out in the Code of Conduct for All

To View our codes of conduct please click here. 

Equality & Diversity

Boccia England is fully committed to the principles of equality of opportunity and is committed to ensuring that no-one in the sport is unlawfully discriminated against regardless of individual circumstances or background.   Boccia England is committed to ensuring that the sport of boccia is accessible to all and that there are no barriers to participation across the organisation, from players and volunteers to staff and Board members.  In our strategy to increase involvement, we will continue to focus on making boccia available to individuals and groups who are currently not fully involved in our sport.

Boccia England recognises that individuals who share one or more protected characteristics may find it challenging to participate fully in sports related activities and accepts that a more pro-active approach needs to be adopted towards those individuals and groups who do not traditionally access boccia.

We will encourage partner organisations including members, clubs, affiliated associations, suppliers, sponsors and customers to adopt and demonstrate their commitment to the principles and practice of equality as set out in our Diversity policy and action plan. To view these documents please click here.

A key aim of the Boccia England Board is to achieve greater diversity on our Board including but not limited to gender, age, Black, Asian, Minority Ethnicities (BAME) and disability, with a view for its profile to represent its member base .  As part of this, we maintain a target of having a minimum of 30% of each gender on the Board, are committed to progressing towards achieving gender parity, continuing to have a variety of ages and increasing our disabled and BAME representation. 

As the National Governing Body for a disability sport we recognise diversity and we value everyone’s individual differences.  We strive to maintain and continuously improve our working practices to benefit all those who participate in our sport.   Anyone who has the desire to be involved in the sport of boccia should be encouraged to take up the opportunity and coached and nurtured to reach their potential.

 Mike Walker, Board Chair

Our Current Board profile is:




Age Range

Female 33%

Male 67%

100% White British

11% Disabled



We take complaints very seriously.  View our policy on complaints and disciplinary here.

Data Protection

We are committed to complying with data protection law and respecting the privacy rights of individuals.  Our policy can be viewed here.