-8 days -13 hours -14 mins -21 secs

How to enter

The BE Cup is invite-only, players will receive an invite email to confirm their intention to compete.

Players will then need to log on to their BE account via Boccia Base and pay the entry fee to confirm their entry into the competition.

Players can enter up to 3 qualifying competitions.

The deadline for entries is Friday 29th November.

The 2020 competitor list can be found here. 

Rules and Guidelines

The BE Cup Rules and Guidelines can be found here.


Registration opens at 8:30 am.  If you are not in the first round you can phone in on 07824 317 993 

to register. 

Call Room procedure

We will be using a call room for all matches.  If you have a match scheduled immediately after a match please still go to the call room- the Head Referee will make the necessary adjustments.


The schedule of play is available to view here. 

How do I qualify for the BE Cup Finals 2020?

Players need 7 points to qualify for The BE Cup Finals.  Players collect points based on their position at The BE Cup qualifying competitions.  Check out our BE Cup webpage for more information.


Competition entry costs £30. This fee allows players to enter up to 3 BE Cup competitions. 

Elimination stage criteria

For both Hatfield and Gloucester, we have decided to follow the process for advancing sides to the elimination stage. Guidance can be downloaded here. 

Booking for this event has now closed.