Stay super-active this summer and fundraise
from the convenience of your own home!

Your mission: At Home Superheroes, 23 July – 20 August 2022

As official Charity Friends of the Superhero Series, the UK’s one and only disability sports series, we’re very excited to invite you to take part in the perfect mission to keep you super-charged this summer – At Home Superheroes powered by Marvel! This month-long challenge is super flexible and you don’t even have to leave your neighbourhood!  So get those masks and capes ready!

To receive your free sign-up code please email Fundraising Manager, Cally Keetley, at [email protected] 

Who can enter: Anyone can join the fun and you can fly solo or team up with family and friends for your super mission. All we ask is that each solo participant or at least one team member considers themselves to have a disability (of any kind).

Your challenge: This mission can be completed however you see fit. You can skate, skip, bounce or become a sensory hero! You can run, walk, wheel, cycle, swim, skate, sniff, taste and more towards your mission… Or a combo of any/all the above! All ‘gadgets and gismos’ are welcome, from souped-up wheelchairs and adaptive bikes to canoes and rollerblades! Why not devise your own boccia challenge like some of our previous participants...


When: You can complete your challenge on one day, over a few days or use the whole month between 23 July to 20 August!

Where: Wherever you wish. Living room, garden, local park, street, countryside… The choice is yours.

Using your super senses: Some of you may prefer to unleash your sensory superpowers towards your At Home goal. Head to www.superheroseries.co.uk/super-sensory for some super ideas, or feel free to come up with your own sensory challenges. Then simply convert each sensory achievement into kilometres to add to your super target!

Dress code: We hope you’ll jump into the fun spirit of the event and dress up in Superhero costumes! (And please do share your super challenge photos and videos to help motivate other Superheroes and Sidekicks taking part. 😊)

Super Race Packs: For all your hard work, you will receive a Super Race Pack in the post – including a medal, T-shirt and finish line tape for those celebratory finish-line moments!

To receive your free sign-up code please email Fundraising Manager, Cally Keetley, at [email protected]