Join us in Celebrating National Boccia Day!

2019 marks 35 years since boccia became a Paralympic Sport.  The theme of this year’s National Boccia Day is therefore the number 35!

Here's how you can take part on the Big Day!

Enter our Competitions!

WIN £350* for your boccia club

Clubs that post photos of their National Boccia Day celebrations on social media using #NationalBocciaDay19 will be entered into a prize draw to win £350* for their club!

*£350 worth of funding will be provided to the winning club upon submission of a funding action plan. Funding may be provided in the form of equipment from the Boccia England shop, paid venue hire or paid coaching support. Cash will not be given to the boccia club under any circumstances.

Best Selfie!

Take a fun and smiley selfie to show us how you celebrated #NationalBocciaDay for a chance to win FREE Membership for the 2019/20 season.

35 ways to Celebrate!

  1. Hold a Boccia Fest
  2. Have a game with 35 players
  3. Have a 35 minute session of boccia
  4. Aim at 35 hula hoops (that is a lot of hoops though)
  5. Play a game where the winner gets £35
  6. Aim at a “35” printed target
  7. Work to gain 35 points throughout the session
  8. Aim at number targets, try to get 35 in 6 balls
  9. Play boccia for 35 hours (if you are mega keen)
  10. Play 35 sessions of boccia (if you can fit them in)
  11. Start or end your session at 35mins past the hour
  12. Play 35 back to back games of boccia
  13. Donate £35 to Boccia England
  14. Celebrate on social media using #35YearsOfBoccia
  15. Hold an extra boccia session
  16. Throw a total of 35m during the session
  17. Run your usual boccia club/activity
  18. Play boccia in your local shopping centre (with permission of course)
  19. Link to your local Active Partnership to advertise boccia
  20. Share photos of you playing boccia (the older the better)
  21. Hold a 35 minute game of boccia within your session
  22. Run a longer than usual club session
  23. Chat about your favourite boccia memory at club
  24. Try and land your boccia ball on 35p worth of coins
  25. Aim to land your boccia ball in a square 35cm2
  26. Come up with 35 ways to propel a boccia ball
  27. Host a competition or open within your local area
  28. Play boccia outside
  29. Play boccia on the beach
  30. Play giant boccia using beach balls or footballs
  31. Play table boccia using a mini set or balls of paper
  32. Tell 35 people about boccia
  33. Share the 35 reasons you love boccia
  34. Host a Boccia Party and bring cake to your club/session
  35. Any other way you want, there are no rules!


35 ways to Fundraise!

  1. Raffle a big prize i.e. boccia set/spa weekend
  2. Raffle some small prizes i.e. chocolates/wine
  3. Tombola – Get a 5 or 0 to win
  4. Guess the name of the Teddy
  5. Guess the number of sweets in a jar
  6. Guess the number of boccia balls in a box
  7. Apply to your local rotary club/round table
  8. Apply to Awards for All
  9. Apply to local and national trusts and grants
  10. Host a sponsored game of boccia
  11. Sell an item and donate half the money to the club
  12. Host a club race night
  13. Host a fundraising evening with a band/music
  14. Do a sponsored run, walk, swim or cycle
  15. Complete an extreme challenge or trek
  16. Use Pledge Sport, Just giving or other Crowd funding
  17. Run a bucket collection
  18. Have a cake stall
  19. Have a craft stall (ask a local craft group for donations)
  20. Have a “Spot the ball” competition
  21. Run a silent auction during a club session
  22. Host a quiz night
  23. Apply to be your local supermarkets charity of the year
  24. Complete a bag pack at your local supermarket
  25. Approach the guides/scouts in your area for help
  26. Run a club social and charge for attendance
  27. Apply to your local Active Partnership for funding
  28. Create a challenge and charge £1 per go
  29. Complete a Lego walk (if you are brave)
  30. Shave your head for sponsorship
  31. Sponsored wax
  32. Guess the weight of the boccia ramp/wheelchair
  33. Host a clothes swap event and charge for entry
  34. Run a table top sale/car boot in aid of the club
  35. Any other way you can think of!!!


Let us know you're taking part in National Boccia Day!

If you are going to celebrate National Boccia Day please let us know and we can help promote your event or club.

To let us know about your event please complete our questionnaire 

What information should I collect?

It would be great if you could collect the following data on participants for us so we can see who has got involved:

  • How many people got involved
  • Breakdown of adults/young people
  • Disability (if known)
  • Were they new to boccia?
  • Because of this event, are they now planning to find out how they could play regularly?

Show your support 

Download and take a selfie with our posters and show your support for National Boccia Day. 

Make sure to tag us and use #NationalBocciaDay and #35YearsOfBoccia on social media.

We are supporting National Boccia Day. 

I am supporting National Boccia Day. 

Need more information or guidance?

Contact Rachel Miller at [email protected]