Join people from all over the world giving to support their favourite good causes today.


By supporting Boccia England on Giving Tuesday you will be helping us to continue our work to:


  • Develop and support boccia clubs across England. New support networks are created via clubs, where individuals feel more comfortable in themselves and can speak to others who understand their daily challenges.


  • Collaborate with partner organisations to reach inactive people including older people in setting such as care homes and community groups


  • Engage children through working with schools. We run and support a schools competition programme and manage the Skills Award – a 10-week boccia programme to help children develop key life skills.


  • Organise competitions in a variety of formats to meet the needs of all our different players. 105 teams competed in our National League last year, but we know from the results of our recent Boccia Survey that our beneficiaries are looking for more opportunities to compete.


  • Identify and develop talented individuals through the England Talent Pathway (ETP) to ensure that as many boccia athletes as possible achieve their full potential - some are likely to be selected for future Paralympic cycles. We have five academies which provide regular access to high level coaching and training camps.


Without your donations, we would not be able to fund our work. By donating on Giving Tuesday you are helping us to continue to develop the sport and create more opportunities for people’s lives to be transformed by boccia.